Thank you for your interest in fundraising with The Wave! We offer an environmentally friendly alternative to the typical parking lot car wash fundraiser. And we make it easy: you sell the tickets, we wash the cars! See program details below:


Contact us! 

Let us know who you are and what you're fundraising for. Submissions will be reviewed and approved based on availability.


Determine how many wash tickets you plan to sell.

Cost to you depends on the # of tickets sold.

100-249: $5.50/wash

250-499: $5.25/wash

500+: $5/wash


Sell wash tickets!

Each ticket is good for one RT wash. Customers redeeming the tickets may upgrade for a cost. We suggest selling the tickets for $10 each.


Coordinate a day to partner with us at one of our sites!

On the organization day, your team will be on site driving traffic and promoting use of their sold tickets.


Tally up!

Collect all unsold tickets and account for all monies sold. Coordinate a day to return all fundraising items to The Wave. You keep the profit you make!

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