Looking to raise funds for your organization? Join our community fundraising program!

We offer an effective and environmentally friendly alternative to the typical parking lot car wash fundraiser. And we make it easy! You sell the tickets, we wash the cars! No pre-payment required.



  • Schools
  • Community Projects
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Youth Groups
  • Athletic Teams & Organizations¬†


  • PLAN: Determine the number of car wash tickets you plan to sell. These tickets are good for one Riptide wash at any Wave location ($9 value).
  • AGREE: We will customize these tickets for your organization and arrange a day for ticket pick up and signing of the Fundraising Agreement.¬†
  • SELL: Sell your tickets for the agreed selling period. You set the sale price of each ticket for your fundraiser and the cost to you depends on the number of tickets sold:

100-249: $6.50/wash

250-499: $6.25/wash

500+: $6/wash

Example: You plan to sell 500 tickets at $12 per ticket. Your organization would keep $3,000!

  • PARTNER: When available, your organization has the opportunity to coordinate a day to partner with us at one of our sites! On the organization day, your team will be on site driving traffic and promoting use of the sold tickets!
  • TALLY: Collect all unsold tickets and account for all money received to return to The Wave on the agreed up day.



Fundraising Form

If an on-site fundraising day is available, which site would you prefer?

What ticket quantity would work for your organization?