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The Wave Wash is devoted to keeping your car safe.



The Wave Car Wash is devoted to keeping your car safe, which is why we cannot wash:

  • Vehicles at a height greater than 86″ (84″ at our Frederickson location)

  • Vehicles with tires wider than 12.5″ (except at our Frederickson location)

  • Vehicles that sit 5″ or lower to the ground

  • Vehicles with excessive mud

  • Vehicles with bike racks or any rear-mounted rack

  • Vehicles with large ladder racks

  • Trucks/vans with ladders

  • Trucks with beds containing fuel tanks

  • Trucks with dual rear tires (except at our Frederickson location)

  • Vehicles with permanently affixed, tripod-style mirrors

  • Full-size Hummers / H1

To ensure the safest and cleanest wash, before entering our tunnels please ensure the following:

  • All antennas removed or down – no after market antennas

  • Turn wipers off – front and rear

  • Automatic & extended mirrors folded in

  • Truck beds completely empty & free of any kind of debris

  • All hitches and hitch covers removed

  • License plates secured

  • Windows up, sunroofs closed

  • External covers, magnets, etc. removed

  • Assisted anti-collision turned off

  • Vehicle in proper mode (ex. car wash mode)

  • Do not touch steering wheel, switch out of neutral, or apply brakes/accelerator in tunnel

Although our wash process is very safe and we wash thousands of cars without incident, please note this is a mechanical car wash. Our equipment applies friction to provide you a clean car! We diligently try to identify any pre-existing damage prior to entering the tunnel and ask you do the same if you have any concerns. We are not responsible for the following items:

  • Any damage on cars older than 5 years or vehicles without warranty

  • After market, non-factory, and modified items

  • Any previous damage, known or unknown

  • Damage to loose, rusted, or cracked parts

  • Damage from previously chipped, cracked, scratched or oxidized paint

  • Paint newer than 6 months

  • Previously repaired or refinished vehicles

  • Antennas or antenna removal damage

  • Wipers or assembly damage from wipers activated in car wash

  • Bug guards

  • Parts blown off by air dryers including wipers, lights, molding, trim, & mirrors

  • License plates, frames, and covers

  • All types of racks

  • Running boards & louvers

  • Spare tire & plastic wheel covers

  • Wheels & hubcaps

  • Classic vehicles

  • Damage due to customer error

The Wave Car Wash
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