About Us


The Wave Car Wash is a Veteran owned company established in 2004. We have been serving residents of Western Washington with the goal of providing superior customer service and an exceptional car wash experience since our first location opened February 11, 2005 in Lacey, WA. Since that year, we have opened four more express exterior car wash tunnels spanning from Lewis to Pierce Counties and plan to continue growing! Thanks to our loyal Wave Riders, we have provided over 4.6 million washes to vehicles in our community!  

While washing cars is what we do, that’s not what drives us. We continuously strive to build an environment of kindness and leadership, where everybody can be their best self and develop their potential in all they do. Part of our vision as a company is to create “a wave” of good and industrious men and women – leaders who will have a positive impact on everyone around them and their communities.

We believe the values we hold as a company will continue to propel the growth of, not only our company, but our team members and community.


Our Mission: To make every customer a raving fan of The Wave Car Wash.

Purpose: To make people feel great, every day!

Protect Puget Sound...ride the wave!

Did you know your decision to be a Wave Rider helps protect our environment? That’s right! Clean water is a precious resource and every time you wash your car at The Wave, you’re helping to conserve water and keep pollution out of our streams, waterways, and Puget Sound! See how below:

When you wash your car, it’s not just dirt that comes off – road grime, oil, heavy metals, gas and other contaminants wash off your vehicle.

We remove those contaminants with eco-friendly, biodegradable soaps and an undercarriage rinse.

We use an average of 30 gallons of water per car vs the 100-175 gallons used with at home washing.

We recycle an average of 75% of the water used in the wash process.

Our dirty water goes to a City treatment facility and never down the drain into our waterways.

All the excess pollutants get removed and disposed of properly by a certified company.

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